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When equipment breaks down

Imagine you are photographing a wedding ceremony, and right as the bride begins to walk down the aisle, your camera breaks. It becomes completely non functional to the point where you can’t even turn it off. What do you do? Do you panic? Do you ask to stop the ceremony? Do you pull out your cell phone? Or do you simply break down and cry?
That is a real dilemma that every wedding photographer will eventually face, and it happened to me last April.

Murphy’s law (as applied to photography) states that if equipment is ever going to fail, it will happen at the most inopportune time.
Did I need to do any of the above things? No, because luckily I was prepared to deal with them. Murphy’s law (as applied to photography) states that if equipment is ever going to fail, it will happen at the most inopportune time. Knowing this, I always have at least two cameras, ready to go, on me at all times. I use a double camera strap from Black Rapid in order to carry two cameras on my shoulders. I normally do this so that I can have two lenses with different focal lengths at the ready without the need to change lenses.  In this case, it was invaluable because in the unlikely event one camera failed, the other one was right there ready to go. 


Can you tell in these photos when I switched to the other camera? Hopefully not, and neither could the couple. Kristen and Mike just celebrated their one year anniversary as well as the birth of their first child, so I finally feel comfortable sharing this story of what could have been a disaster.


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Mark and Kristen’s Breckenridge, Colorado Wedding

Location: Breckenridge, Colorado

Venue: Sapphire Point


Mark and Kristen had an exciting and intimate ceremony at Sapphire Point near Breckenridge, Colorado. High winds and cold weather did not deter from the beautiful ceremony with many family and friends in attendance. After there ceremony, the three of us went down to Breckenridge for some wedding photos of the two of them which of course included a stop at the Breckenridge Ice Castles.

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Anatomy of an Image #3


Technical Images


90% of my wedding images don’t use a lot of specialty equipment.  The vast majority of images are capture with nothing more than the camera and the right choice of lens.  The image at the right is one of the exceptions. Even though I don’t shoot with a lot of extra gear, I always bring at least a couple of flashes along with some Pocketwizard radio transmitters just in case the need arises.

It started snowing after dinner at this March wedding.  I knew the slow falling large flakes could potentially make a good photo.  So I took out the flash and attached it to one of the radio receivers.  Carin took the flash behind the couple, and after a couple of tries we ended up with this image.  The single flash not only back lit the couple but also lit up the snow around them to create a really unusual image.

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Ben and Caroline’s Copper Mountain Colorado Wedding

Venue: Copper Station at Copper Mountain

I love weddings that are a little out of the ordinary. When Ben called me and asked, “I have a question about wedding photography.  Can you ski?” I was pretty intrigued. Having to ski to photograph an event is nothing new for me, but I have to say I was pretty impressed when I saw Ben and Caroline skiing with their friends.  This is the first time I actually had to work pretty hard to keep up with a wedding party.  I think it was worth it, because this was one of my favorite weddings.

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Favorite Wedding Images from 2012

As each year wraps up, I like to take a look back at all of the weddings we photographed and pick some of my favorite images.  As usual, I ended up picking images that were a little different than most, but ones that I felt were either great shots, fun, or just a little quirky.  In the past, I have tried to do a top 10, but I really just couldn’t narrow it down this year.  I hope you enjoy.


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Silverthorne Ice Castles Photoshoot

Location: The Ice Castles, Silverthorne, Colorado

Model: Renee Neward Bartnick

Earlier this winter, I went out to the Silverthorne Ice Castles to work on some ideas I had.  When I am trying out new techniques or ideas, I will often practice them on models instead of experimenting on actual wedding clients.  This is particularly true when the ideas involve placing some one in a wedding dress for an hour in sub freezing temperatures.


Thanks Renee for being a good sport.

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Breckenridge, Colorado Wedding Photography

Whitney and Jason’s Winter Wedding

Ceremony: Gold Run Sleigh Rides in Breckenridge, Colorado.
Lodging: Blue Sky Breckenridge in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Whitney and Jason came all the way to Breckenridge, Colorado from their home near Atlanta, Georgia for their dream winter wedding. Guests took a horse drawn sleigh from the Gold Run Nordic Center to the wedding site located in a beautiful valley surrounded by the mountains.

I loved that the wedding took place right at sunset, making for some stunning backdrops for photos, but a chilly ride back. Afterwards, we all returned to the Blue Sky Lodge for some after wedding photos. Whitney and I put together some great ideas to create some really unique photos, mostly in the hotel lobby and bar.

Whitney was featured on TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta.  Stay tuned for the future air date of her episode.

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