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Anatomy of an Image #12

Photographing with Invisible Light: Infrared

Infrared Image of Bride at Arapahoe Basin

Our eyes are capable of seeing only a tiny fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum known as visible light. Yet, we can use instruments to help us detect invisible light like x-rays, radio waves, and infrared light. Infrared light is the same light that night vision goggles use. It was discovered accidentally in the year 1800 by German astronomer William Herschel. He was conducting experiments with prisms in order to determine which color of sunlight transmitted the most heat. He placed a thermometer in each color of the rainbow to see which color would show the biggest rise in temperature. He placed another thermometer just outside the rainbow created by the prism as a control.


After several hours Hershel recorded the temperatures on the thermometers and discovered to his surprise that the biggest increase in temperature came from the thermometer just outside of the prism light that he was using as the control. He correctly surmised that this must have been caused by some invisible light that the eye could not see. He called this light infrared, from the Latin word “infra,” for below. William Herschel was the first person to prove that there are forms of light that we cannot see with our eyes.


Since Herschel’s experiment over 200 years ago, detecting and making images from invisible forms of light is commonplace. I own a special camera that has been converted to only record images from invisible infrared light. The camera records at a specific wavelength that it on the border of visible light and heat known as near IR. This wavelength of light has some very interesting properties that result in images like the one above. For starters, much of our atmosphere does not give off infrared light. In fact, it gives off very little red light, which is why the sky appears blue. In an IR image, the sky will actually look almost black. Clouds on the other hand reflect heat including IR light. As a result, clouds appear very bright white in IR photos. People’s warm skin creates a soft and subtle glow in IR light.


Infrared cameras have very limited use in wedding photography, which is why I am one of only  handful of photographers to use one. However, when situations like the one above arise, I am really happy that I carry one in my camera bag. If you are interested in having a camera converted, check out Life Pixel.



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Amber and Aaron’s Loveland Wedding

Venue: Loveland Ski Area
Coordinator/Florist: Karin Novotny, The Garden Path 
Dress and Veil: Pronovias from The Bridal Collection
Mens Formalwear: Calvin Klein
Hair and Makeup: Keri Winters Bridal
Amber and Aaron met on a set up ski date at Arapahoe Basin in Colorado. They hit it off on that first chairlift ride, and have been together ever since.  I met Aaron through the Summit County search and rescue team, and I was honored when he and Amber asked me to photograph their wedding at Loveland Ski Area.


They are both avid outdoor enthusiasts, especially when it comes to skiing. Because of that they had no fears about driving up the mountain to get some great photos while the light was still good.  Enjoy.
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Katie and Kyle’s Breckenridge, Colorado Wedding




Venue: Dry Gulch Placer, Breckenridge, Colorado
Flowers: Lisa with Garden of Eden
Dress: Vanessa by Wtoo from Boulder Bridal
Menswear: Vera Wang from David’s Bridal
Catering: Moe’s BBQ
Cake: Blue Moon Bakery
Music: Jeff from Encore Events
Jewelry: Glitzette
Makeup: Alpine Spa & Salon



Kyle proposed to Katie on a vacation to Hawaii in 2013. They both had a lot of roots in Breckenridge, Colorado, so they decided to return here for their wedding at the rustic Dry Gulch Placer venue. A little rain on their wedding day sure didn’t dampen their spirits and made for some exciting photos in the rain. It was times just right, as the groom’s mother was doing a reading from the lyrics of John Denver’s Perhaps Love, featuring lyrics about thunder.


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Jennifer and Said’s Denver, Colorado Wedding


Venue: Denver Botanic Gardens
Hair: Namaste, Aveda Concept Salon
Nails: 5th Avenue Nails, Cherry Creek
Barber: Floyd’s 99
Officiant: Micha Sturr, Wedlock Officiants



Jennifer and Said are an amazing couple. When I met them for their engagement session last year, they mentioned to me that they liked cycling, so we had that in common. It was only later that I discovered just how serious about it they are. Both of them are licensed road bike racers, and their passion for cycling came through in their wedding details from Said’s amazing crankset cufflinks, to the tandem bicycle cake topper, to the numerous cycling references made by their officiant, Micah.


They had a beautiful ceremony at the stunning Denver Botanic Gardens, which is possibly the most scenic venue in Denver, Colorado. In addition to the exotic outdoor gardens, the Denver Botanic Gardens also has a wonderfully lit indoor venue which was a dream to photograph in. I hope you enjoy the photos.

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Happy Anniversary to Yvonne and Craig

42-0923-CudeHappy two year anniversary to Yvonne and Craig. This was an incredibly fun wedding to photograph. The wedding itself was at Craig’s parents home in the hills above Monterey, California. The next day, I accompanied Yvonne and Craig to the beach at Big Sur for photos in the gorgeous sunset.


Craig is an F-16 pilot in the U.S. Air Force. Last year he was deployed overseas for their anniversary. This will be their first time spending their anniversary together. Congratulations to you both, and thank you for your service, Craig.




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Anatomy of an Image #10

Summer Wedding Fun


Summer Wedding Tire Swing

I love creating images that allow the subjects’ personality to come through. That was completely the case with this image. Nate and Joy are one of the most fun playful couples I have ever known. In fact they even met “playing” while mountain biking with mutual friends in Moab, Utah.
They told me how they saw this tire swing just outside of town under a giant oak tree, and how it would be worth the 10 minute drive to go photograph it. We snuck through the gate, and took a few photos in the pasture under this tree. I love the photo on so many level. I not only love the lighting, but I love the interaction between Nate and Joy. It is so apparent in this image how much fun they have together.

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Janet and Rob’s Cincinnati Wedding

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Venue: Taft Museum

Bride and Groom at Ault Park, Cincinnati, Ohio
I new Rob through climbing, rafting, and general outdoor adventures.  I have photographed him before for National Geographic Adventure, Outside, and other magazines and climbing websites, but I was still honored when he and his fiance trusted me to photograph a more formal event like their wedding in a city I had never been to before.


While Carin and I travel pretty extensively, somehow we had never made it to Cincinnati, Ohio.  We spent the months before the wedding researching locations, and we worked with some local vendors like the drivers and hotel staff to find some good locations, but what we found was a lot of photographers doing the same things.  We wanted to photograph in some of those historically popular locations, but Carin and I wanted to put our own spin on things.

Some of the different ideas we came up with were to use artificial lighting to reduce the archway at Ault Park to nothing more than a dimly lit background element. We did some traditional shots at the fountain at the Cincinnati Museum Center, but then we tried a very different pose by laying Janet down next to the water and focusing on the reflecting surface.
My favorite photos of the day were right after it started raining and getting dark. Many people would see rain as a bad thing on a wedding day, but it can make for some gorgeous photos. Carin ran down the street (in the rain) to the nearby Marriott Hotel and “borrowed” and umbrella.  When she got back to the museum we took Rob and Janet into the alley with the umbrella, and Carin held a flash behind them triggered by radio transmitters to get the shot in the rain you see below.

All in all it was an incredible day with a fun couple in a new city for us.  We love traveling anywhere in the world to photograph a wedding.

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