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Adapt or Die

I have been in this industry for a little over a decade. Not a long time, but I certainly remember shooting slide film professionally, and having to ship slides to magazines for publication. 



Instead of adapting to changes in the industry, they griped and moaned about how much better the industry used to be.

Here is something I have noticed in my short time in the industry. Some photographers have always complained about how changes in the industry have “ruined” their business. Recently the big complaint is how social networking allows anyone with a camera to create an online presence and be a “professional.” 10 years ago, some pros complained that the ease of digital photography was putting them out of business. Before that photographers complained about everything from computer controlled metering to auto focus had allowed inferior photographers to compete with them.

However, none of those things were true. The only way changes in the industry can hurt a professional photographer, is if professionals fail to adapt. I have seen many photographers that have well established businesses go under, and it has almost always been for the same reason:

Instead of adapting to changes in the industry, they griped and moaned about how much better the industry used to be.

Complaining about the changes in the industry, or the price of your competition, does nothing for you. It leaves you feeling bitter, not nostalgic.

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Greener, Faster, Better

Why are we using disks?
Thumb drive and box


I got to thinking the other day, and I asked myself, “Why are we still providing images to clients on disks?” I realized how long it is been since I have personally bought anything on a disk. I buy music straight from iTunes. I can stream movies directly to me TV, and when I want to buy software, I download it straight to my computer. There is certainly an argument that clients prefer something physical in their hands, and I get that. However, all of our wedding photography packages include a custom designed album hand crafted in Italy.
After thinking it over, starting in 2014, we are switching from disks to digital downloads. It means you will get your images even faster, and by eliminating the environmental impact of disks, packaging, and shipping. We really think most of our clients will love this, but it not we are adding a new add-on item to our packages that we think you are going to love. Next year, when you book a wedding with us, you will be able to purchase all of you images preloaded on to a custom engraved Apple iPad starting at $599.
To get the iPad kick off started, if you book a Gold or Platinum Collection wedding between now and November 30th, 2013, the iPad is completely free. [read more…]

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Timothy Faust Photography, Best Wedding Photographers in Denver – 2013 Bride’s Choice Award Winner

Weddings, Wedding VenuesTimothy Faust Photography, Best Wedding Photographers in Denver - 2013 Bride's Choice Award Winner

Thanks to all of your great reviews, Timothy Faust Photography has received the 2013 Bride’s Choice Award from Weddingwire. WeddingWire Bride’s Choice Awards™ recipients represent the top five percent of wedding professionals within the WeddingWire Network who demonstrate excellence in quality, service, responsiveness and professionalism.


Thank you all very much.


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Destination Weddings: Backing up in the Field

Importance of Backing up

One of my biggest fears would be to somehow lose someone’s wedding photos while en route back to Colorado from where ever their destination wedding was. About a year ago, I wrote a very in depth blog entry regarding  image backup and protection in the office. Of course that requires that the images make it safely from the destination wedding to the office. The key to any backup plan is a lot of redundancy.  While in the field at a destination wedding that means duplicating not just the images but the tools needed to back them up.


Timothy working at his computer in a hotel



For example, it does me no good to bring two portable hard drives and only one USB cable, because if the cable is lost or broken, then the hard drives become unusable.  Of course if I am shooting a wedding in the U.S. there is a good chance that there is a store nearby where I could replace hard drives, cables, even a computer if need be, but that isn’t always the case elsewhere.  I also cannot rely on internet access or even power, because I have photographed weddings in Nepal, where neither was available. For starts I want to walk you through my workflow.

Destination Wedding Workflow

  1. Start by backing up all of the camera cards to an external hard drive.
  2. Copy those files to at least one more external drive.
  3. I now have three copies: the cards and two drives.
  4. Return the cards to my camera bag.
  5. Place one hard drive in my checked bag.
  6. Place the second hard drive in my wife’s checked bag or a separate carry-on.
  7. When traveling in a part of the world where I have a serious concern about theft or lost luggage, I will ship a 4th hard drive home via FedEx or DHL.


As I said, I need backups of all my equipment, so that means two of everything.  Here is the short list of what I bring for a destination wedding.

  • Two notebook computers, or one computer and one tablet.
  • Two (or three) portable USB hard drives.
  • Two card readers.
  • Two USB cables.
  • If I know I will be close to a computer store, I might only bring one computer and one card reader.



The idea is that barring my plane crashing, I can loose two out of three of my bags, and still get the couple’s images from their destination wedding back to my office in Colorado.  As far as the equipment goes, if anything fails in the field, I either have backup equipment on hand, or easy access to a store that sells it.  I am a lot less concerned about bringing a spear USB cable if I know there is a 24 hour Walmart across the street from the venue than I would be if the wedding was in the Caribbean. However, just like it is important to have backups of camera gear for a destination wedding, as I pointed out in this entry, it is just as important to have backups of your backup gear.



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Photographing in Boring Locations

10 Tips for Photographing in Boring Locations

I am very fortunate that I get to photograph weddings in some of the most amazing and gorgeous locations in the world. However, every once in a while I end up photographing a wedding that isn’t on a California beach or the mountains of Colorado or Nepal. In those cases I need to reach in to my bag of tricks. The following are ten tips and tricks for photographing when your location is less than ideal.

1. Follow the Light

The number one rule in photography should be to follow the light. This image was made in a very small bathroom. I liked the light coming in through the blinds on the shower curtain, so I had the bride sit in a chair in front of it.  Then I pulled the shower curtain over her shoulder. The result was a lovely high key portrait.

2. Lines

When used properly, lines are a very powerful element of an image. In this image the lines made by the bridge lead the eye directly to the couple. Although not everyone has access to a ironwork bridge, think about similar objects such as a hallway or tunnel. An object does not have to be pretty to add beauty to an image. Continue reading »

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Capture the moment?

“Capture the Moment” is a phrase that gets tossed around a lot by wedding photographers. In my opinion it is used far too much, to the point where I have even seen new photographers use it in the name of their businesses. When I ask photographers why they use it so frequently, I usually get a conversation like this:

New Photographer: “I want to set myself apart from the competition.”
Me: “Does your competition not capture the moment.”
NP: “They do, but I want customers to know that I don’t just do boring stiff wedding photography.”
Me: “Does your competition actually advertise boring wedding photography?”
NP: “Well no, but…”

[one_half] [single_lightbox url=”https://www.timothyfaust.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/0030-Merrill.jpg” image_url=”https://www.timothyfaust.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/0030-Merrill.jpg” image_width=”175″ image_height=”200″ title=””] [/one_half] [one_half_last] I realize that when we look back a generation or two ago, wedding photos primarily consisted of a few boring portraits at the front of the church. Photojournalism had not been embraced by wedding photographers because most wedding photographers at the time were also portrait photographers. [/one_half_last] Continue reading »

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Image backup and Protection

Regular readers of my blog know how I feel helping emerging photographers find their way is my way of giving back to the photographic community. I regular answer questions regarding photographing in several forums across the internet. Recently, I cam across this post:

My external hard drive crashed, how can I get the pictures off?
I am a photographer and lost a couple’s wedding because of the crash, I really need to get them back. I heard you can download some programs that can do it? I have an iMac and it’s a ==brand name withheld== external hard drive.

Continue reading »

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