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Anatomy of an Image #16

It’s been a little while since I did one of these anatomy posts, so I wanted to start back up with a pretty abstract image. I was photographing the couple posing on the banks of the Eagle River in Beaver Creek, Colorado. I was getting some nice full body shots of the couple and their reflection in the river, but I wanted to try something a little more abstract. I found a place where the water was still enough to try to get a clear reflection, but still had enough movement to allow some motion blur of the aspen leaves swirling in an eddy. 

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Timothy Faust Photography among top 20 Destination Wedding Photographers


According to Bridebox.com, Timothy Faust Photography is among the top 20 destination wedding photographers in North America. After having photographed in places all over the United States as well as Europe and Asia, it is am amazing honor to be included on a list with such photographers as David Beckstead and Ben Chrisman.


You can read the original article here.




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Progress in Marriage Equality




In anticipation of Pridefest happening in Denver this weekend, it got me thinking of how far the fight for marriage equality has progressed in the U.S. since I photographed my first same-sex marriage in California five years ago. When same sex marriage was legalized in California in 2008, my wonderful friends MJ and Pete were excited to begin planning their wedding, only to see the law change again later that year when Proposition 8 was passed, making it illegal again in California. They went ahead and continued their plans and had beautiful beach wedding surrounded by close family and friends.



Status of marriage equality in the U.S.

In those five short years, we have seen tremendous progress for marriage equality in the country. Five years ago, only five states recognized same-sex marriage; all in New England. As of the time of writing this, 19 states  and the District of Columbia have full recognition of same sex marriage, three more states, including here in Colorado, have limited recognition of civil partnerships, and eight more states have had their bans overturned but are pending appeals.



In fact, North Dakota is the only state there there is not a pending legal case on the status of same-sex marriage, and many legal scholars are predicting that it could be legal nation-wide as soon as June of 2015, which is only a year away. For an up to date look at the current legal status, check out this page from GayWeddings.com.



WedWeCan-profile-imageOf course, it really doesn’t effect what we do here. Since our start we have always believed in telling the story of love in all of its different forms. And our goal is to continue to photograph weddings and commitment ceremonies anywhere in the world. Join us in our support by visiting WedWeCan.com, or simply search for other gay-friendly wedding vendors in your area.


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Happy Anniversary to Yvonne and Craig

42-0923-CudeHappy two year anniversary to Yvonne and Craig. This was an incredibly fun wedding to photograph. The wedding itself was at Craig’s parents home in the hills above Monterey, California. The next day, I accompanied Yvonne and Craig to the beach at Big Sur for photos in the gorgeous sunset.


Craig is an F-16 pilot in the U.S. Air Force. Last year he was deployed overseas for their anniversary. This will be their first time spending their anniversary together. Congratulations to you both, and thank you for your service, Craig.




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Caribbean Destination Wedding Shoot

Carin and I are always thinking about wedding photography. Often times we get to travel to a new place for the purpose of photographing a destination wedding. Sometimes we are just travelling for fun. Last month, we visited several Caribbean Islands, including Puerto Rico. We weren’t there for a wedding, but we still wanted to do a wedding themed photo shoot, so we brought our camera gear and a dress with us and hired a model in San Juan to try out some ideas.

Model shoots can be pretty complicated from a logistical standpoint. Logistically it is every bit as complicated as photographing a destination wedding, and in some ways more so. We still have all the normal details such as scouting locations, arranging transportation and lodging, and travelling internationally with thousands of dollars worth of gear. But on a model shoot we have the added tasks of arranging for the models, stylists, etc…

When photographing a wedding, we remember that we work for the people in the photos. That means we work around their schedule and needs, and we work to create the type of images the client wants. An actual wedding is no place to be experimenting with new ideas and concepts. A model shoot is the exact opposite. We get to pick the best time of day for a particular location, and the model works for us.  So unlike an actual wedding there is no pressure to create something for the client. That allows us to take bigger risks and experiment with concepts that may or may not work.

I think model shoots are one of the best tools a wedding photographer has to maintaining creativity. Photographers that are only photographing at weddings they are hired to photograph, run the risk of disappointing clients with their experimental work which may not be expected, or worse, getting into a rut of “safe shots” that limit creativity.

Read more about my philosophy on model photography in this post:


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Favorite Wedding Images from 2012

As each year wraps up, I like to take a look back at all of the weddings we photographed and pick some of my favorite images.  As usual, I ended up picking images that were a little different than most, but ones that I felt were either great shots, fun, or just a little quirky.  In the past, I have tried to do a top 10, but I really just couldn’t narrow it down this year.  I hope you enjoy.





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Monterey, California Wedding and Beach Shoot

Craig and Yvonne’s California Wedding

I met Yvonne when I was in high school nearly 20 years ago.  Unfortunately we lost touch after graduation, but as so often happens, we reconnected through my Facebook page.  That is where she discovered that I have spent the last decade or so as a photographer.  She mentioned that she was living in Germany with her fiance, Craig, but the two of them were traveling to west coast of the United States to get married.


When they asked if I could be their photographer I was thrilled.  It took a few emails and some  Skype conferences to iron out the details, but last month I traveled from Breckenridge to Monterey, California to photograph one of my favorite weddings. It ended up being a three day wedding with a rehearsal dinner the first day, the wedding ceremony and reception at Craig’s parents’ garden the next day, and a trash-the-dress style photo shoot on a nearby Big Sur beach the following day.


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