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The nonprofessional (or unprofessional) adventures of the photographer.


Breckenridge Ice Castles Model Shoot

Location: Breckenridge, Colorado

Venue: The Breckenridge Ice Castles

I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful model, Maggie, at the Breckenridge Ice Castles a few weeks ago. A pretty heavy snow started falling in the middle of our shoot which resulted in some pretty dramatic photographs and one very cold model.

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The Best of 2013

The Best Images of Last Year

Every January, I like to have a look back on the previous year’s photos and share a few of my favorites from 2013.



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Personal Work: Old San Juan

Accordion Player in Old San Juan

Old San Juan


Recently, I was in San Juan, Puerto Rico for a bridal shoot. While I was there, I came across this man playing an accordion on a door step in Old San Juan. It was just after sunset and the streets were starting to grow dim except for this one bright area where he was sitting and playing.

I loved the combination of subject, light, and background, so I quickly made of few images of him before moving on.



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Personal Work: Ice and Light

Thawing Lake Dillon 

I love May when the ice on Lake Dillon near my home starts to melt. But before the ice can completely melt, it usually breaks up first. When this happens the ice get’s pushed around the surface of the water and can end up in big piles on the edges of the lake. In this image I used a very long exposure to give the sky and water a soft look that contrasts with the sharp jagged look of the ice.

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Personal Work: Mountain Biking


I made this image about 20 miles into our Monarch Crest ride right as the trail starts to descend back bellow treeline. I was waiting for some other riders, and loved how Andy and Katie looked sitting in the brightly lit valley floor.


Personal Work: Mono Lake

Mono Lake Sunrise

Given that October is not one of my busier months, I decided to share some of my personal work. Mono Lake is a small salt water lake near the eastern entrance to Yosemite National Park. It is often overlooked by people traveling to Yosemite, but it is definitely worth a stop. The Eastern Sierra’s are famous for their colorful sunrises caused by high clouds forming over the mountains and catching the first light in the morning.

Of course on this trip, there was not a cloud in the sky making the initial sunrise a little boring. Luckily, once the light reached the white Tufas (the salt vent formations in the photo,) they were brightly lit compared to the distant mountains making for a pretty dramatic black and white image.

If you go, plan on being at the lake before sunrise to capture the best light and colors. After, head over to the Mobile station in Lee Vining for Breakfast. Believe it or not, the gas station has one of the most amazing restaurants in California.

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Marriage Advice

In the year 2000….

Let's look in to the future... That's right, the future. All the way to the year 2000.

Let’s look in to the future… That’s right, the future. All the way to the year 2000.

This past Friday, Carin and I celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary, but we met in the end of 2000, so in reality we have been together for 13 years. It got me thinking about all the marriage advice we received a decade ago.  The one piece of advice we received over and over again, is that marriage takes a lot of hard work.
What I have learned in the last decade is that is completely untrue. Marriage doesn’t take work, it takes play. The only “work” is to make sure you always find or make time to play. Life can be stressful to be sure, and sure those stresses can impact any relationship. But what we have found is the best way to reduce those stressors is to always make time for play.

Play does not have to be a long vacation to an exotic foreign country (although those are a lot of fun), play can be as simple as an afternoon bike ride, or a short walk together. It could be a night when the TV is turned off and you sit in the living room playing board games. Go camping. Go to a baseball game. Do something new. Just make sure you play as much as possible.


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