Anatomy of an Image #10

Summer Wedding Fun

Summer Wedding Tire Swing

I love creating images that allow the subjects’ personality to come through. That was completely the case with this image. Nate and Joy are one of the most fun playful couples I have ever known. In fact they even met “playing” while mountain biking with mutual friends in Moab, Utah.
They told me how they saw this tire swing just outside of town under a giant oak tree, and how it would be worth the 10 minute drive to go photograph it. We snuck through the gate, and took a few photos in the pasture under this tree. I love the photo on so many level. I not only love the lighting, but I love the interaction between Nate and Joy. It is so apparent in this image how much fun they have together.

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  1. Somehow the lighting conveys a terrific sense of depth. Even on a computer monitor.

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