Color Swatches


Material Descriptions



Elegance associated with modernity gives the varnished a clean, but attractive layout, with crisp lines and colors (available in metallized or pastel shades).
A style which enriches your album with a contemporary, harmonic and essential touch. The engraving of the names and date with the Edwardian font, the rounded edges and the varnished metal plate stress the clear lines and create the perfect mix for the modern client.


A range where the elegance of the classic line and animal friendly meet.
Available in two versions: standard and continuous (seamless), this material offers an excellent product at a reasonable price. Like all our classic covers, it can be personalized by embossing or engraving the text.


A consolidated success, thanks to the versatility of a material which guarantees the highest level ofcustomization.
The metal plate, which is the core of the cover, is available in both gold and silver, each of them can have a satin or polish finish. It can be personalized by printing your images directly on the material. The cover is then assembled with the maximum precision onto a leatherette back and spine.



The classic covers exude excellence.
A timeless offer, which keeps its appeal unchanged thanks to a superior material and to a simple and elegant outlook, available in 14 different colors. A traditional look, with attention paid to each single detail, guaranteed to succeed. The available colors might be subject to slight variations of shade, since the material is entirely natural.



The vintage look is the distinctive feature of this cover, an innovative proposal that is deeply rooted in the classical layout.
The specific production process gives a prestigious look, granting that a perfect mix of modern and classic blends into a product of extremely high quality. An additional classy touch can be added by choosing to emboss the text, an option now available also with silver or gold foil. The 16 available colors might be subject to slight variations of shade, since the material is entirely natural.



The idea of classic declined to new parameters of style.
Originally developed to suit Italian high fashion needs, the Nappa leather represents the idea of luxury itself, thanks to its smoothness and wide availability of colors. This type of cover features a continuous binding, and can be customized by adding a text with a plain, silver or gold foil embossing. It is specifically dedicated to demanding clients.



The tradition of real Italian cowhide serving photography through a classy and elegant style.
4 different colors to stand out in the market: a traditionally tailored cover, refined with an exquisite seam around the edge. Tradition-orientated clients will find in this product all the reassuring nobility of centuries of craftsmanship.


Silk has always been another term for elegance and excellence.
Our silk covers (in both the matte and glossy versions) mix the creativity expressed by the printed images with the refined touch of the material. The back and spine are prepared in leatherette.


Crystal Glance

In this new generation of acrylic covers, the highest technologies provide smooth, pure, crystal like materials to offer you extraordinary options.
The back and spine are prepared in leatherette by default, but can be upgraded to leather, Nappa or Distressed. This is the most modern album design available.