Timothy & Carin

My wife Carin and I have been together for ten years. Our favorite things to do are traveling and playing outside. We moved to Breckenridge, Colorado in 2004 because of our lifestyle. We love the fresh air, winter skiing, and the summer hiking and mountain biking.

I recently started teaching the Advanced Photography course at Colorado Mountain College. I find it incredibly rewarding to be able to help guide the next generation of photographers.



Tim and Carin TravelingTraveler’s Tales

We also really love traveling. Between the two of us we have been to 49 U.S. States as well as numerous countries across the world. Our passion for travel comes through in my images. In addition to capturing the moment and photographing people’s personalities I understand how important a sense of place is with images.

One of the things I love about Carin is how well we travel together.  It doesn’t matter if we are staying in a hotel, or spending a week sleeping out under the stars, traveling with her is my favorite thing in the world.



Timothy with guide in Tibet Timothy climbing Mount Rainier Timothy photographing in Utah

Carin and I have always been adventurers. We met in 2000 while backpacking the Grand Canyon on a college trip from Illinois. We’ve been together ever since. I started getting serious about photography my senior year of college when I spent a summer working as a white water rafting guide in Georgia. I guess it should have been little surprise to me that my first image published by National Geographic Adventure would be of a rafting trip down the Colorado a few years later.


Timothy photographing at a weddingI really love photographing weddings. Not only is it fun, I find it to be very challenging and rewarding. While I enjoy landscape photography because it involves careful planning and patience, I prefer wedding photography because of the spontaneity. Every wedding is so unique, and each presents new challenges and opportunities.